The Cattery

The family

We are a family consisting of 5 people:

Anne & Henning + 3 kids (Sebastian, Gitte and Rasmus)

We live in a small town near Struer, with our cats and our dog Freja. The breeding is mostly Anne's hobby, but Henning and the kids often help with the daily work.

We love the North Sea, and spend many weekends in our caravan, at a place called Vorupor. It is so relaxing just walking on the beach or in the dunes, and the salty air makes you fall a sleep very fast at night.

How it started

In 1991 I (Anne) fell in love with 2 sealpoint siamese girls. They were in a shelter, looking for a new home, and I immediately said that I would love to give them a home, but the old lady at the shelter wouldn't let me buy the cats. The only cat she was interested in selling was a big red/white angry cat so I left the shelter very disappointed.

10 years later my husband and I went to a show - just to look - but once again I saw a blue eyed cat. This time not a siamese but a balinese. I remembered the 2 siamese girls, how they behaved and how they looked at me with those blue sparkling eyes. We ended up buying this beautiful girl and she became our first breeding queen.


Best regards

Anne & Henning Korsbakke